Security of Your Business

We hear it all of the time via the news and other media outlets, technology security is becoming more important daily. South Florida Tech Support applies the latest in technology security proceedures and adheres to the security recommendations of the biggest names in the business, including Microsoft, Cisco, Ubiquiti, Baracuda and many more. Be sure your I.T. company applies security policies that secures your business from hackers and/or criminals.

Simplicity of Your Systems

While technology may be complex, the user interface and way we use computers should remain as user friendly as possible. Technicians often forget that a user of a computer shouldn't need to deal with constant annoyances and/or problem solving in order to use their computer system. That is why our technicians see that your technology remains as maintenance free and user friendly as possible.'

Stability of Your I.T. Operations

Every minute your business is not able to access your data and other systems such as Point of Sale, Databases, Financials and other dependant software, you're loosing money. Our systems and managed I.T. infrastructers run at 98% uptime since 2005 and remain strong in continuously growing. With our hardware and software, we create stable connections and networks, along with redundancy that allows for fail safes in your business. If a system fails, a technician is most of the time working on it before the call is made to tech support.

About South Florida Tech Support and Jeff Courtney

Jeff Courtney - Computer Technician

South Florida Tech Support has been in business in South Florida for over 10 years. Our other names and aliases that still exist in the market include JC Technologies, and Tech Support Guys FL. Our marketing efforts have positioned our names for various projects and markets, but now, South Florida Tech Support is here to stay.

Hello, my name is Jeff Courtney. I have been an I.T. Technician and Engineer for over 10 years. My background includes a broad range of knowledge from workstation diagnosis to system administration, web design to several programming languages and manager of the JC companies. I started my career early (age 15), maintaining the computer technology programs for Broward County Public School Adult Education program, also known as Broward Community Schools, as a student worker. After high school and being hired full time with the school system, it would be lack of responsibility and growing education, that lead me to go into business for myself. This is where the "JC Enterprise Group" was born and currently holds all of the JC company entities under it's management wing.

Today, the JC companies including "" maintains Managed I.T. services for over 150 companies in South Florida. In addition to our one-time installation requests from non-managed customers, we communicate with a wide variety of industries that all have one thing in common... they all need and want to grow their business's technology operations.

We are proud to serve the South Florida area and all of our clients and customers. Our reach goes across the South Florida area and always keep an "open door" policy when assisting with technology problems. If you have questions or need direction with your technology, I welcome you to email us and we will surely respond to you regarding the best recommendations.

To Your Never Ending Growth of Technical Possibilities,

Jeff Courtney